3 Simple Ways To Give A Corporate Gift That Will Make A Lasting Impression

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It is probably safe to say that everyone appreciates, and even needs a little recognition from time to time. Whether it's for a job well done, a celebration of something new on the horizon or simply in the name of employee morale, US companies spend over $125B annually on corporate gifting. But, giving the right gift is extremely important as it can otherwise leave a negative impression with the recipient. Me To You Box has 3 ideas to help make your next corporate gift a present with a positive punch:
1. Skip the logos.
The idea behind giving a gift to your employee(s) should be a pure and simple sentiment of gratitude . . . appreciation . . . celebration . . . versus creating a walking billboard by giving logo wear, for example. When you take time and spend money on an employee gift, leave company logos out of the equation. Make the gift relevant and memorable.
Me To You Box corporate gifting
2. Do it when employees least expect it.
Try gifting your employee(s) at a time when it 'tis not the season. The element of surprise when receiving something meaningful outside the holiday time can deliver a positive impact that won't quickly be forgotten.
3. Be thoughtful.
Though receiving a fruit basket or bottle of wine is a nice gesture, it is not an out of the ordinary gift. Doing something more unique will go much further and does not have to be difficult nor take a lot of time. Me To You Box is able to capture your vision & price point and turn it into something special.
Sarah, Executive VP, Partner, Fieldwork Inc. and President, Network-International said this about Me To You Box custom gift boxes:
"The ideas that were presented were endless.  Me To You Box was 100% customizable, so we could find items that were perfect for our audience and fit the budget."
Gifts companies give to the people that make their world go 'round should be done the right way. Corporate gifts should feel personal, unique and unexpected and Me To You Box thinks that's a gift worth giving.
Give your employees a custom gift they will remember.
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