Eco-Friendly: 3 Simple Ways For College Students To Live With Intent

Eco Friendly

The practice of living with intention, both personally and professionally, is arguably one of the most important lessons we can teach our college students (and ourselves). Whether it is taking time out from studying to volunteer at a local food shelter, sitting with a friend who needs a listening ear or going outside to read a book under a tree, these are all conscious decisions. The same is true when deciding to be more eco-friendly. Acting on behalf of the environment is a choice, and one that is not so hard to do.
Here are 3 specific ways college students can start living eco-friendly at college today:
  1. Drink from a reusable water bottle. Me To You Box has several great container options for girls and guys to keep in their backpacks and at their bedsides instead of creating waste by using plastic water bottles.
  2. Purchase items from companies that make products from recycled materials. Fair Harbor and Urbana Sacs are two amazing companies who make products by reusing.
  3. Buy and sell "pre-loved" everything. Students can find useful items and save money all at the same time by shopping at local thrift shops or going online to virtual ones like THRED-UP.
Me To You Box offers an array of different cool products from companies that honor the sustainability of the environment. Check them out here at Build Your Own Box and create your student's eco-friendly care package today.
Reusable Gifts
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