Glam Up: Buying Beauty on a Budget with Mardel Overly

Me To You Box  talks beauty products on a budget

Do pimples have you in the pits? Dark eye circles got you down? Between the weight of homework and new eating habits, you’re probably wearing the stress of college like fall’s hottest accessory. You're not alone. From Pinterest to Instagram, everyone is talking about the best beauty routines and skin care regimens. But what if your budget can't support the beauty routine of your dreams?
We’ve asked beauty expert Mardel Overly to share a few tips for buying beauty products on a budget.
Mardel is the Director of Business Development at Winston Retail. In addition to her 10 years with the Winston team, Mardel has 11 years of industry experience with Levi Strauss & Co. Her experience in the industry has only fueled her passion for retail and beauty products.
Keep beauty and self-care a priority without breaking the bank with these tips:
Don’t skip skin care.
“The most important products to NOT skip on, first and foremost, are skin care products.”
When you’re on a budget, it’s easy to cut things out of your daily beauty routine. While an elaborate skin care regimen may not fit your budget, Mardel suggests investing a little extra here.
Don’t sleep with your makeup on.
We get it… you’re tired, staying up late and the walk to the communal bathroom feels 2 miles long at 12am. It may seem like no big deal to sleep with your makeup on a couple nights a week, but Mardel says otherwise.
“I have 2 college age daughters myself, and the #1 thing I tell them is absolutely DO NOT go to bed with makeup on your face. This is the biggest cause of skin breakouts and will also accelerate the aging process of the skin. Keep a package of any type of make-up wipes on your nightstand beside your bed. Washing your face with a good cleanser is always the preferred method, but if you are just too tired for that, using a makeup remover wipe is better than sleeping in your make-up.”
Know when to splurge.
Balancing a budget is all about knowing when to splurge and when to save. When picking out beauty products, there are some that are worth the extra expense. When splurging, Mardel recommends choosing a quality foundation.
“Generic purchases are fine for mascara, lip color, eyeliner etc. These are all items you will want to experiment with on color so it's always wise to buy inexpensive so if you end up not really loving it, you haven't wasted your money!”
Stock up on travel-size products.
Your school, work and social schedules keep you moving. Sometimes full-size beauty products don’t fit in your bag and get left at home. Consider stocking up on travel or sample size products that fit perfectly in any size purse or duffle bag. Also, smaller means less expensive!
“Most makeup counters or department stores will provide small size samples that are perfect for on the go. Even store like Sephora have sections by the register that feature your favorite products in small sizes and cost is much less.”
Develop a routine.
You have a routine for almost everything. You probably wake up at the same time each day, go to class at the same time and even eat your meals in the same time frames. Your beauty routine should be no different. Developing a routine will help you evaluate your product needs and you’ll be able to budget what you need to buy each month. No more running to the local drug store for whatever acne cream they carry!
“When I was young, no one taught me about the importance of taking care of your skin at an early age. I preach to my daughters, and have since they were very young, the importance of a daily routine.”
Sticking with these few tips can drastically change the amount your spending on beauty.
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