Happy Hour Sent Right To Your Doorstep

HAPPY HOUR is a care package curated with happy hour essentials to make this surprise perfectly festive! Whether you are sending it for a zoom event, to be enjoyed in celebration of something or Just Because, HAPPY HOUR will be a sure way to make someone's day finish on a high note.

The Old Fashioned Craft Cocktail Kit. The Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit provides everything you need to craft two delicious Old Fashioned cocktails — all you need to add is the hard stuff.


Deck Of Playing Cards. Polaris is a celestial-themed deck with modern woodcut-style illustrations. This 4-color deck is perfect for poker, bridge, or any other standard card games. The borderless back design looks amazing when fanned.


Heavy Based Acrylic Glass. This 12 oz. Acrylic Bar Glass is perfect for any drink from orange juice to an Old Fashioned! Tritan glasses retain their color and gloss even after hundreds of dishwasher cycles. The heavy base helps prevent the glass from tipping.


Cookies & Cream Krispy Treat. Gourmet marshmallow rice crispy cake with America's favorite cookies and cream generously packed into the middle of the cake and for extra measure. If you want to eat the top of this cookie you'll find one on top of the cake!



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