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Me To You Box care packages

It has now been over three months (and counting) since our nation and the world started to shut down life as we knew it to protect citizens against the spread of COVID-19. At first, a lot of the workforce seemed excited when they knew they could work from home for a little while, but as time went on and there seemed to be no definitive date for an end to sheltering in place, employees started reporting that they were feeling disconnected and isolated. They were missing the daily face-to-face interactions with their team. Working from home was starting to get old.
Employers quickly began to reach out to Me To You Box to curate and send corporate care packages to their employees as a reminder that,
"We are in this together & we will be back together soon."
Some companies took it a step further and asked Me To You Box to help create thematic gift boxes that could be used during virtual gatherings. Well, this was so FUN!

Co-Founder of Me To You Box, Annyssa Cantor, said that this has been a rewarding turn of events for a company that was once centered around college gifting. "Many companies have had to make big adjustments in these unpredictable times just to stay alive. Me To You Box went from college to corporate over night. We have loved the creativity we've been able to exercise along with the challenges that have come with it. It is incredibly gratifying to know we are still continuing our mission to keep people connected through our boxes ~ just with a different market . . . the corporate one."


This Me To You Box was crafted for a "virtual happy hour" via Zoom with a mixologist to stir up some delicious libations. The care package featured a 30-pack of reusable ice cubes, four bar glasses with drink recipes printed on each side, a leather flask set, Badger Balm's headache soother, and Legally Addictive's toffee and chocolate cookie-crackers.

Me To You Box care package
At first glance this Me To You Box might look like 'child's play', but it was so much more! This company arranged a virtual painting class to have employees get creative with their logo . . . a jelly fish ;) They also added a stuffed version of their mascot for some inspiration. And, for a little outdoor fun, a Waboba flyer. Last but NOT least, a contactless explorer tool by Bennkai was included to promote a germ-free future.
Me To You Box care package
Here are just a few examples of the many other corporate care packages companies have sent to their teams to offer support and some levity during such uncertain times:
Me To You Box corporate care packages
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