Me To You Box: One Stop Shopping For The Holidays

It's the 2021 holiday season and the world is still rallying from the COVID pandemic. Many people have returned to the work place while others remain home indefinitely. Schools are back in session with new safety protocols in place. Reuniting with family has never been so sweet, but many are still not able to be with their loved ones. None the less, this is a time of year to show how grateful we are for one another - personally and professionally. Me To You Box delivers love, gratitude and holiday cheer with one stop shopping for family, friends and co-workers!
Me To You Box has two simple ways to make your shopping experience enjoyable and personalized:
  1. Select a gift box that is already curated and add your personal gift message OR
  2. Customize your own box by clicking on the items YOU think will make the perfect present and add your gift message.
Me To You Box carefully curates your gift in our custom shipping box with your message. Your order ships within 24-48 hours and TAA-DAA . . . you are about to make someones day extra special.
"Me To You Box has gifts that are already curated or you can customize your holiday box by simply clicking on the individual items you want included." - Annyssa Cantor, Me To You Box Co-Founder
When it comes to placing an order for a team of employees, it couldn't be easier! Email and let us know what you want to gift, the recipient names and shipping addresses along with your gift message and we will take care of the rest.


Send a holiday gift today.

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