Boosting Morale: Employers Sending Care Packages To Employees Working From Home

Boosting Employee Morale

The 2019/2020 coronavirus pandemic has the US on virtual lockdown. With COVID-19 spreading at an unprecedented rate, businesses are shutting down their offices and employees are being asked to work from home. Not only has this transition created disruption & distraction in routine, but it has also increased anxiety leaving employee morale to quickly diminish. Companies have been reaching out to Me To You Box to help curate and ship thoughtful employee care packages in effort to:

  • show support

  • boost morale

  • help lessen anxiety

Me To You Box Co-Founder, Annyssa Cantor, notes, "It's amazing how a small gesture, such as a care package with personal note, can go such a long way! My business partner and I have personally worked with each corporate client to customize and curate a gift box that will leave a lasting impression on their employees. We care greatly and want every order to feel personal, useful, and special."

Me To You Box employee care package

Let 'Me To You Box' help curate a thoughtful corporate care package!

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