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Me To You Box was born to help simplify the act of giving and receiving. Each gift box contains premium items that are relevant and uplifting for anyone. With just a click of a button, your “just because” gift is hand selected, beautifully wrapped and sent on its way with a personalized gift message from you.

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Having grown up in a tight-knit family in Upstate New York, staying in touch became an essential part of our lives. When we were separated by Brianna's move to the West Coast, sending small gifts became a part of how we thought of each other even though we were far apart. It added just a little bit of surprise and warmth to the phone calls and notes.

When Brianna's daughter and son moved back to the East Coast for college, Brianna found herself at the post office sending care packages to show  just how much they were missed. So, when the topic of starting a care package company came up, our shared excitement and passion for finding the right sentiment to express our love to our family and friends made it a natural and easy endeavor.

What drives us the most is our shared commitment to each other as sisters and our love for meaningful, high quality items to offer our customers for the ones they care about. Now reunited on the same coast, we continue to bring gift options for all occasions and for all the people you care about, from your family and friends to your work team and clients. 


I have always found such joy in giving. It provides that heartfelt opportunity to let someone know you are thinking of them … and the smile on the other side of the Me To You Box, well that's certainly a gift too.


The presentation of a gift is important to me. I enjoy working with our team to determine how the appearance can be impactful and create a 'WOW' factor, so the recipient's day will go from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Julia's Butterfly Foundation is a volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of terminally and chronically ill children and their families. The foundation honors the memory of six-year-old Julia Marie Bommer, who passed away in 2005 following her brave battle against a rare kidney disorder.

Thank you for your purchase of a Me To You Box custom care package which allows us to be a part of this meaningful effort and donate a portion of profits annually.


Me To You Box is dedicated to reducing packaging and using recyclable materials in our gift boxes to help keep the environment clean and to preserve natural resources.

 Our beautifully designed shipping box made from 100% recycled material doubles as a gift box, reducing our carbon footprint. Me To You Box keeps Earth friendly practices top of mind in effort to help protect ecosystems and wildlife, save energy, conserve natural resources, and reduce carbon emissions.


The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation (NSF)  is a non-profit dedicated to supporting patients and families as they travel the unrelenting journey of a Nephrotic Syndrome diagnosis.​

Me To You Box is delighted to partner with The NSF and The Little Angels Care Package Program to help deliver love & light to those that have been in the trenches with this unimaginable disease. Through the curation of specially selected gifts, recipients will receive a Me To You Box care package to show support, love and true caring.

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