Building Your Personal Brand To Craft An Outstanding Resume

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Building a top-notch resume is paramount in opening the door for interview opportunities as well as for acting as the gateway to successful discussions during those interviews. This sounds simple in theory, but just how do college students construct a resume that is distinctive enough to convince the person behind the desk to want to meet?
Tyler Ricks, our close friend and successful executive, says that an outstanding resume is one that exemplifies a person's personal brand. Tyler suggests that a resume should not just be a list of job positions and simple descriptions, but rather it should portray the qualities and characteristics that students ultimately want to convey. This is critical to getting an interview.
"People make the mistake of seeing their resume as a list of what they've done versus how well they've done it."
Highlighting experiences are mandatory for resumes as they help differentiate college students from other candidates, but it is the rest of the content that can prove to be most meaningful. Create your personal brand first and then let energy, passion, optimism and personality come to life in the form of a resume.
Consider the following 5 objectives when developing and defining one's personal brand:
1. Demonstrate A Drive For Results.
Show you're a "corporate athlete" that will put in the work and the time to achieve results.
2. Take Others With You.
Leadership is not a natural skill for everyone. It is a process of continuous improvement. So, at a minimum, try to demonstrate that you understand the importance of building leadership skills through teamwork and collaboration.
3. Personal Progression.
Typically, companies won't hire someone unless they think the candidate can be promoted two levels. Whether it is thru a sports team, work experience, or a club, demonstrate what you have learned along the way by taking on more responsibility in a leadership role.
4. Technical And Functional Competency.
Organizations are generally looking to hire for a specific role with certain functional or technical requirements. Students will need to demonstrate they are competent. For example, if you are interviewing for a position in finance, showing a basic understanding of a P&L.
"A breath of knowledge on superficial level is not as important as showing you have mastered skills in a certain area."
5. Do Things The Right Way.
Showing you have qualities that will add to the company's culture in a positive way is imperative. If your values are consistent with the organization's when it comes to things such as collaboration and dealing with adversity, college students are already a step ahead.
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