Don't Wait Too Long Between Haircuts

When you look good you feel good! Sometimes, however, students get so busy with their responsibilities at college and don't make time for simple self-care essentials like getting a haircut. And, waiting until their next visit home just might be too long for optimal hair health.
We asked our great friend and amazing Senior Hair Stylist, Alicia Topolski, to share her recommendation on how often college students should head to the salon for a good hair trim. Alicia is the Owner of Byrd & Branch Hair Studio - a boutique salon creating beautiful hair for women and men.                                       
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Haircutting Rule Of Thumb: 1/2 Inch Every 2 - 3 Months
On average, hair will grow a half inch every month. If you get your hair trimmed on a regular basis - before the cuticle has weakened and become damaged - your hair will look & feel stronger and grow faster. Alicia says,                                           
"...the simple reality is that the longer you wait to get your hair cut, the greater the chances are of getting split ends and uneven hair."
                                                                                                                               The following suggestions help students keep their hair healthy between cuts:
1 - Use a moisturizing shampoo to replenish hair's natural oils for a shiny look.
2 - Wash hair less so you don't strip natural oils and cause hair to dry out and look frizzy.
3 - Use a deep conditioning treatment to protect hair from losing too much oil (see Alicia's College Hair Mask Recipe below).
4 - Take a break from hot tools like flat irons and blowdryers. Love a good hat day!
Alicia's College Hair Mask Recipe
Hair Mask
An easy concoction for college students to use to deep condition their hair . . .
Equal parts: Organic Coconut Oil, Plain Greek Yogurt and Honey.
Massage into hair and leave for 30 minutes. Rinse with shampoo and conditioner.
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