Dress For Success: 3 Key Interview Styling Tips For College Students

Dress For Success

College students have a lot to think about when preparing for an interview. First impressions are critical and part of making a positive impact is by dressing the part. We reached out to our dear friend, Leslie Wuischpard, owner of a private styling and organizing business. Leslie suggested the following three keys to assembling the perfect interview outfit:
1 - Research the company. Before deciding what to wear to an interview, make sure you have researched the company. It's important to understand the company’s culture and vibe. Having this knowledge will not only help you determine what to wear, it will also let the interviewer know you have done your homework and have a solid understanding of their organization.
2 - Details matter. How you present yourself is just as important as what you wear. You want to look put together.
  • Make sure your clothes are not stained or wrinkled clothes.
  • Invest in a tailor if your clothes don’t fit.  You can wear a really expensive outfit, but if it doesn’t fit it won’t make the right impression.  
  • Check yourself before you go into the interview . . . hair combed, teeth brushed, and clothes tucked in.  
3 - Less is more. Don’t let the outfit detract from the interview.
  • No perfume/cologne. You don’t want to overpower the interviewer with your smell.
  • Keep your accessories simple. This isn’t the time to wear your trendy necklace, nose ring, or stack of bangles. A necklace with gold studs, for example, is all you need.
  • A classic scarf can show a little of your personality.
  • Neutrals are your best option. Crazy patterns and bright colors can be distracting.
  • Don't wear anything sheer or low-cut.
  • Avoid dark eye shadow and lipstick.
  • Hair should be toned-down and professional.
  • Men should be well groomed. Nails clean.
From basics to details, here are Leslie's styling tips for women:

Dressing for an interview

From basics to details, here are Leslie's styling tips for men:

what to wear to an interview

About Leslie Wuischpard
Leslie has spent over 20 years working in the corporate world. One of her roles was to interview and hire motivated employees. After leaving her corporate job, Leslie started Souly Grace, a styling and organizing business. Her knowledge and experience bring great insight on what to wear when interviewing for your first job out of college.
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