Behind the Boxes: A Follow-Up with Me To You Box Co-Founders and the Art of Gift-Giving

Me To You Box co-founders

Have you ever wondered about the creative minds behind Me To You Box, the company that has been transforming gift-giving for almost a decade? In this exclusive blog post, we'll dive into a follow-up with the co-founders of Me To You Box, exploring their inspiration, dedication, and the artistry behind the hundreds of custom pre-made gifts that have become a go-to choice for all occasions.

Sisters and co-founders of Me To You Box, Annyssa Cantor and Brianna Ricks, kicked off their curated and custom luxury gifting business. Since then they have continued their mission to create meaningful ways to send love while spreading their childhood sentiment that "there doesn't always have to be a reason to send a gift . . . sometimes the best gifts are given JUST BECAUSE." 

Though the initial mission of Me To You Box was gifting for the college market, this care package company has evolved in ways Annyssa and Brianna never expected. We caught up with these ladies to find out what they are up to now!

Me To You Box beautifully curated gifts

What has been your biggest challenge in the last 4 years of Me To You Box?

ANNYSSA: Biggest challenge . . . continuing to get the Me To You Box name out there and letting people know this product/service exists! As you can imagine, when you're a small start-up company, you are trying to do everything . . . wear all the hats . . . but that cannot be the long term plan when you're trying to grow your business. 

BRIANNA: Most difficult has been learning how to independently manage our website. When we started Me To You Box, Annyssa and I were lucky enough to have connected with the most amazing webmaster, Kay. Designing websites was her very part time 'gig', but boy did she have a knack for listening to us and quickly delivering exactly what we were looking for. But, Kay's real gift to us was teaching us how to eventually manage our site independent of her (don't get me wrong though because I still have moments when I send her a text with an SOS). We had NEVER done anything like it so it was a challenging process and thank goodness for her patience! Now it's fun!! 

What makes Me To You Box different from other care package companies?

ANNYSSA: The actual box content! We attend gift shows and constantly network with buyers to find premium, uplifting and fun content for our gift baskets. We are constantly changing what we offer. The beauty of our selections though is that the gifts we showcase are appropriate for all occasions.
BRIANNA: The purchase options are unique. You can choose one of two ways in which to send a Me To You Box:
1. Build Your Own Box. Sometimes half the fun of sending a gift is picking out what goes in it. We are constantly changing our product offerings to impress new customers and accommodate repeat customers. We want them to have fun choosing from dozens of products to build the perfect version of their own gift box.

2. Select A Pre-Curated Care Package. Me To You Box offers gift boxes that are already thoughtfully crafted so a customer can select, for instance, a box for a student who is under the weather, a friend celebrating a birthday or a co-worker that is having a baby! 

What’s next for Me To You Box?

ANNYSSA: We are going to keep on doing what we are doing! We are constantly networking with so many fabulous companies and their founders, the possibilities of the gifts we can create become limitless. From corporate & charity events to weddings & birthdays to incredible retreats, we continue to evolve our business and could not be having more fun.


Me To You Box has not just revolutionized gift-giving; it has infused each present with meaning, thoughtfulness, and a touch of artistry in the way the gifts are curated. As we follow up with the co-founders, we gain insight into the passion that fuels this creative endeavor. Visit their website today and become part of the journey that is making every occasion special with Me To You Box!
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