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Get Well Soon Wishes

Get Well Soon Wishes

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GET WELL WISHES ships USPS Priority Mail within 24-48 hours of ordering excluding weekends and holidays.

Large Mink And Sherpa Blanket. Nothing says 'get well soon' more than this blanket! Cozy up in a dorm, apartment, home or hospital with this large 50" x 60" super soft sherpa blanket! 100% polyester, anti pill fabric. Concealed zipper hem. Machine wash and dry.

Lounge Socks. Find your favorite cozy chair, add your favorite coffee beverage and bring your book along too… time to curl up with a pair of Coffee Shoppe Lounge Socks and settle in for the kind of marathon where your feet don’t ever touch the ground! Their Lounge Socks are styled for elegance and engineered for comfort… The perfect companion to bring along to your ‘Me Time’ Moments. No fear of slipping because they have the coolest coffee cup-shaped silicone grippers you’ve ever seen! Content: 100% Acrylic Lining: Plush 100% Poly Fleece Lined Color: Millennial Pink.

Shower Steamer. Aromatherapy in the shower! The "Stress Buster" burst by Hydra is made of a clarifying blend of Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang formulated to ease stress. Tropical, crisp and citrusy, Lemongrass is widely used to alleviate anxiety, reduce stress and has antioxidant properties. Ylang Ylang produces a soft, floral, sweet scent and is used to alleviate stress, improve mood and known for its beautifying properties. Shower Sachet included.

Portable Humidifier Led Light Ultrasonic Mist Maker. Uses polymer fog technology to diffuse moisture into the air so that no water droplets are returned to a wet tabletop. Decibel below 30db, zero radiation, no stimulation, elderly, children can use. The misting spray volume is very large, reaching 35 ml / h, which can quickly meet the relative humidity requirement. It can work where USB can be connected to increase the ease of mobility. Suitable for larger living rooms, bedrooms, cars, baby rooms, dorms, etc. Power Supply: USB. Color is white.

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